“A business is the people behind it” – BX Shinsei Seiki has adamantly upheld this philosophy as its basis to this day. One example of this is the nurturing of its employees. Beginning with training to further intensify the strengths each individual already possesses, and using training programs that determine ideal future positions for employees, our company is driven by capable workers who have been nurtured through compliance with complete curricula. Another example is each employee’s pursuit of a purposeful life, and a full, satisfying existence both at work and away from work.
The thoroughness of welfare programs that suit our employees has also been a tradition at BX Shinsei Seiki since its establishment.

※Not recruited, currently.

Form of Working

Work hours Head Office, factory: 8:30 to 17:30
Office: 8:45 to 17:45


2 days off per week (Sat., Sun., holidays, summer holidays, holidays in end/beginning of year)
124 days off annually
Leaves Paid leave, paid leave for congratulation & condolence, refresh leave, etc.
  • Social insurance (health insurance, employees’ pension insurance, corporate pension fund)
  • Labor insurance (industrial injury insurance, employment insurance)
  • Worker’s property accumulation savings, home ownership financing facility
  • Retirement benefit/retirement pension plan
  • Employee ownership, mutual-aid association

Address of application form & Window


687, Kamodani-cho, Kasai, Hyogo Pref. 675-2444

BX Shinsei Seiki Co., Ltd., Personnel Section