1. Due to a transmitter which is authorized as specified low-power, further remote control can be available.
  2. Easy limit setting. Open & close limits are controlled by microcomputer.
  3. No impact of starting & stopping! Inverter power supply for motor makes the gate open & close smoothly.
  4. Photoelectric switch (package) surely keeps safety. Sensor detects interruptions such as human & car, etc. to avoid collision.
  5. Failure to close is no problem. Timer switch makes the gate close automatically on set time.


Model SGO-30VC5
Input power source Single-phase 100V 50/60Hz
Inverter output Three-phase 100V 30~60Hz(Variable)
Max. Gate weight(kg)


(A bove is the value under the optimum conditions that lighten gate door opening & closing force as the railway rail and large diameter runners are used. select a gate, runners and rails under confirmation of opening & closing force and drive force.)

Drive force(N) 294
Rotating speed of drive gear(r.p.m) 45.9(30Hz)~89.1(60Hz)
Open/close speed(m/min) 8.3(30Hz)~16.6(60Hz)
Power consumption(W) 180
Motor Output(kW) 0.1
Full-load current(A) 2.7
Time rating(minutes) 30
Limit switch Microcomputer controlled limit(Stop position memory)
Function Right & left hand installation switchable fanction・Auto closing fanction・Variable speed fanction
Overcurrent protected function・Power failure protected function
Operator weight(kg) 35
  1. Use environment : Ambient temperature; -10℃ to +40℃ (subject to no freezing・dew condensation). Ambient hum idity less than 85%RH.
  2. Time rating is the value measured at +20℃. If the temperature exceeds this value, the time rating gets shorter.
  3. Durability : 100,000 opening and closing


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