Park Keeper (chain gate) CGM-15F


  1. When chain goes up or comes down, the red signal blinks in warning. When chain comes down and stops, the blue signal goes ON to permit passage. Even when chain cannot be seen from inside the vehicle, these are visible in ease of mind. Red signal blinks in the interval of 3 seconds at night time.
  2. Lighting goes ON automatically by night-time sensor, thus illuminating the chain. Introduction of LEDs realized the improvement of visibility and a longer service life.
  3. When any obstacle is detected by the sensor illuminating the area between gates, chain's ascent is stopped, and the chain comes down and stops. When obstacle is no longer detected, chain goes up only after a count by the timer.


Model CGM-15F
Rated voltage AC100V±10% 50/60Hz
Max. capacity 200 N (φ10 stainless chain : 10 m < ※ follows >)
(φ 8 stainless chain : 12 m < ※ follows >)
※ Distance between the middle part of main and subordinated machine
Rated stroke 800mm
Moving time of the chain
( At the time of a rated stroke )
Ascending stage   :  5.7 / 4.8 sec. ( 50 / 60Hz )
Descending stage :  5.2 / 4.4 sec. ( 50 / 60Hz )
Electric motor Single-phase electric induction machine
Output : 30W  for  2 sets
Time rating : 15 min.
Insulation : E type
Electric consumption At the time of operation : less than 250W  ( At night )
At the time of stand by  : less than 50W  ( At night )
Use environment Outdoor rain protection’s structure
Temperature : -10℃ ~ +50℃
Humidity : less than 90%RH
Reception distance
of the radio wave
20 m  , When operated from non-shielded cars
Except in the case of rain, flood, snow and freezing
Full open stand by time
for the range adjustment
From 0 to 30 seconds , 16 kinds of variable set up
( Not included the 3 seconds of warning time before the operation )
EE switch for the illumination
adjustment range
10~100 Lx , Variable set up
Safety beam system

Infrared light photoelectric cells
Standard installation : 10m as 1 set
Optional installation : 12m as 1 set
※ At most 2 sets can be installed on request

Warning equipment

The red LED signals that the chain is in operation ( warning signal )
The blue LED signals the full open chain position

Night-light set

Starting switches Radio controller
Input terminal for the external starting
Output signal Voltage output( In asending, In descending ,Stop at the lowest point ,Abnormalities )
No-voltage output  ( in asending, in descending )
Product weight

Main machine:41Kg

Subordinated machine:38.5Kg


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