Frequently Asked Questions

Let me know your company profile.

See herefor our company profile.

We want to make a link. Provide us a cross link you.

If you want to make a cross link with us, check Our Privacy Policy before making a contact with Overseas Section.

We want to start a business transaction with you. What is the drill?

Sorry to trouble you, but please get in touch with our overseas section.

Aren't you selling on the Web?

We are not selling directly on the Internet. Please contact our overseas section.

What are you making?

We are making units to raise up shutter (shutter operator). We are shipping many of our products to many shutter manufacturers both domestic and abroad. Especially, our trademark SHINNSEI is enjoying highly reliable reputation in overseas market. Currently, by making use of core technology of shutter operators, we are producing operators required in wide range of industry like tent operator, door operator and chain gate operator and so on.