With “visible quality” as the key word, BX Shinsei Seiki has striven to improve product quality over the

course of many years. Just talk with our engineers. Look closely at our products. Look further and check

the insides of our products.

We are confident that you will notice the difference in quality that sets us apart from other companies.

BX Shinsei Seiki aims to make each product the only one of its kind, and we have set a quality standard that

is second to none. From research and development to metal mold production, to manufacturing, to

quality inspection, to distribution, and even to maintenance, we consistently enforce strict company

standards that pass on to the market along with our products.

BX Shinsei Seiki is a company that seeks to put quality first in all it does.

Quality Policy

Growth of BX Shinsei Seiki Co., Ltd. largely depends on the customers’ satisfaction achieved through the provision of products and services of quality exceeding their expectation. So, we must always try to recognize customers’ requests and expectation, and improve our products and services continuously while aiming at ever-lasting improvement of customers’ needs.

  1. All employees shall have a common slogan “Provision of satisfaction to customers.”
  2. Quality can be acquired by achieving the work based on quality management system, conformance to the requirements, continuous improvement of its effectiveness, and quality objectives ever increased.
  3. Customers’ trust and satisfaction shall be increased by a thorough improvement of product quality.
  4. Company and its departments and sections shall set up concrete quality objectives to achieve this policy, and stick to PDCA in the process of execution to evaluate the degrees of achievement.
  5. These quality objectives shall be put up, and known to employees, and the specific quality objectives shall be announced to all the employees at the management policy announcement meeting held in the beginning of the year.
  6. This policy shall be reviewed periodically to maintain its appropriateness.