“Does not produce waste. Does not pollute air or water. Does not waste resources.”

“Easier said than done” – but BX Shinsei Seiki has faced up to the challenge,

starting with very thorough training in environmentally sound thinking.

Further, our entire company practices these ideals thoroughly, starting with matters

that are close to home and within our means.

Having obtained certification in accordance with the ISO14001 standard in January

2000, we have constructed an environmental management system, implemented solid

eco-efficient activities, and striven to manage our environment using methods that are

compatible with our business activities .

Environmental Policy

BX Shinsei Seiki Co., Ltd. recognizes one of the most important issues common to human beings is the preservation of global environment in the processes of achieving a coexistence with global environment and realizing a society enabling a continuous development, and the employees, as a whole, shall promote all the business activities related to the manufacturing and sales of various reduction gears such as shutter operators, and the activities of environment management system to reduce the effects to the environment by these products.

  1. Effects to environment caused by business activities, products and services shall be evaluated; the purposes and objectives for the environment shall be set up technically and economically as far as possible; and a continuous improvement of environmental preservation activities shall be promoted, eventually to prevent environmental pollution.
  2. Laws, regulations and ordinances related to environment shall be adhered to, and some autonomous standards shall be specified, as required, to preserve our environment.
  3. Goods to reduce the load on environment shall be produced, and related technologies shall be developed.
  4. In all the areas of business activities, efforts shall be made to promote the resources/energy saving, recycle, and reduced volumes of wastes.
  5. The environmental audit, policy, purposes and objectives shall be reviewed periodically to improve the environment management system continuously.
  6. Environmental policy shall be put up, taught and known to all employees and associate companies, and shall be made available to ordinary people in the forms of pamphlet, etc.