President’s message


We BX Shinsei Seiki Co., Ltd., are specialized maker for shutter operators. However, we have been manufacturing not only shutter operators, but also other kinds of operators for; sheet shutters, gate doors, electric roll screens and ball enclosure nets as well. Additionally, we do develop our tubular motors. Through our history, we have created various kinds of solutions as our products with our customers. And for years of times, our products are supported by so many customers and regarded with their admirations. Especially, the quality of our products is something we are most proud of. We will put all our hearts and souls into the quality management and will develop high-quality and high-functionality operators, eco-friendly operators to meet market demands in advance and guarantee customers’ satisfactions. What we would love to do is to develop with our customers.

As people’s lifestyles or environmental conservation diversified, the needs of market advanced in those days. We need to live up to those needs to be succeeded in the business. We believe that our consistency system in the company is our strength, because we do sale, develop and manufacture all by ourselves. We are willing to develop operators and related products more from now on. Our goal is to be a life-in, Life-long partner for every single of our customers as a shutter operator solution-specialized maker. We surely will do our best to create new solutions for new market.

We strongly believe, if every our employee is motivated and make great effort, we will be able to grow together and make our happiness come true. Then we would be able to contribute to the society. We promise, we will make more effort to meet our customers’ expectations.

We really appreciate your continued support.

Your faithfully,

BX Shinsei Seiki Co., Ltd.


Yasukazu Kitamura